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Petition to The University of Maryland

Reduce UMD Student Fees and Tuition for the Remainder of the COVID-19 Pandemic!

It is unacceptable for students to pay for resources they do not have access to. Currently, University of Maryland students are being overcharged for their online educational experience and for services they are less able to utilize. We require a continued review and reduction, for all students, of tuition and fees for the remainder of the COVID-19 global pandemic. As we do not know when this pandemic will end, we need a comprehensive plan that adjusts prices justly.  #LowerUniFees #NoResourceNoFee  Students should not pay for resources that they do not have access to. It is never the burden nor responsibility of students to supplement the financial insecurities of their higher education institutions, particularly during a global pandemic. Higher Education is already unaffordable for most students with student loan debt totaling over 1.7 trillion nationally.  Currently, University of Maryland students are being charged fees for services they are not able to utilize due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis. Students will not be able to receive the same academic and educational experience as before the pandemic started, yet it is proposed that we are to pay the same costs.  As the school found it necessary to refund students the cost of unused resources during the Spring of 2020 and the initial outbreak of the pandemic, the school should remain committed to its scholars by not requiring the cost of unused resources - particularly as the pandemic has increasingly placed pressure, financial and otherwise, on students. Tuition rates should also be considered for reduction. UMBC reduced tuition by 22% as well as other noted tuition reductions from DMV area schools and around the nation. We are not receiving the same experience as in-person learning and the price should reflect that accordingly.  The University should lean on donors, the federal government, savings, and other revenue streams during this time to supplement the needs of the institution. Students are not who institutions should turn to for extracting funds, especially if not providing services that match the request. We require a review and lowered adjustment of fees for the remainder of the COVID-19 global pandemic.  Sign the petition today and contact UMD Leadership for further action:  Office of the President Vice Presidents Fees to be reviewed and refunded to students (Based on Spring 2020 COVID-19 fee refunds): Shuttle Bus Athletics Recreation Services Stamp Student Union Performing Arts and Cultural Centers Student Facilities Sustainability Housing Dining  Parking What we know: COVID-19 has caused an overall unemployment rate of 11.1% COVID has negative implications for mental health which students already deal with at high rates  Students must now bear paying additional fees and tuition for resources that we will not have access to. Despite knowing the effects of COVID-19 our current leadership has not deemed it fit for us to receive a refund for the services not available to us Students are experiencing unprecedented changes to the educational experience, including in some cases exclusively online instruction International students have deportation concerns  Across Universities, students face the same struggles as the average person and more during this time Some students must choose between homelessness and education Civil unrest in the nation is still occurring 

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Petition to Bernie Sanders, Donald J. Trump, Dan Crenshaw, Andrew Yang, The Walt Disney Company, Apple, Microsoft, Michelle Obama, New York State House, New York State Senate, New York, New York Times, Department of Education

College tuition reimbursement/lessen tuition due to online learning.

Colleges are raising tuition during the Covid crisis when they should lower it but they refuse to lower tuition even though most colleges have switched to online schooling. It is unfair and unamerican. Some students do not have the funding to keep paying for college tuition regardless of scholarships especially during covid when many households have been affected greatly and have had to use savings for bills and tuitions  and still to this day have no source of income other than unemployment or stimulus checks. Refusing to lower tuition or reimburse tuition will only further the student debt crisis and potentially risk the lives of many Americans and families around the world. There are many house holds that rely on the younger generation to graduate college and help provide for the household and taking away money from those families is unethical. Students and families should not have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to attend college when majority of the colleges have switched to online classes and students do not need to use campus resources or facilities. I hope to make change the corrupt college system!! God bless you and God bless America!!!!!!

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Petition to New York Film Academy

Tuition Assistance Due to COVID-19

Tuition Assistance Due to COVID-19   To The New York Film Academy Producing Department Chairman,   As the entire world is dealing with COVID-19, the contagious respiratory disorder, situations occur due to this coronavirus and everyone has the feeling of being on an entirely different planet. Producing students and those amongst other departments within the New York Film Academy and the entire globe have faced disasters before, but nothing as uncertain and catastrophic as this pandemic. In fact, this is an unprecedented time that demands major adjustments in our everyday lives as students and faculty. Students all over the world have shown courage in adapting to such unfavorable conditions with the shift to distance education in spite of witnessing their families and home countries in lockdown and/or quickly catching the ailment itself. However, some issues need to seriously be addressed soon as these have been entirely beyond the students' control. The most serious of these is the need to acknowledge that the students of the New York Film Academy are looking for financial assistance right now. The impact of this crisis, on both students and their families makes the situation a lot more intricate and there is a dire need for special considerations campus wide. Many families are suffering due to business closures and job loss and therefore, not generating enough cash flow to afford their students’ education and expenses. In addition, for those who are able to obtain a part-time job due to the rigorous school scheduling, students are no longer able to rely on those jobs to pay for their education and living expenses due to business shutdowns inside the US. The spring semester began roughly around February 3, 2020 for most, and by March 13, 2020, all weekend classes were halted and began transitioning for online course studies beginning March 16, 2020. With almost two full semesters of no physical class, and classes being held on an online basis, students not only lose the effect of being in class, but alongside they lose possible collaborations with fellow students and professionals in the area. Online classes also result in reduced cost for the university to operate as a whole. For the New York Film Academy, who is deemed a private university, what could be better time than this to show they support its students. Offering more than equipment discounts are more adequate to students that are in screenwriting, producer, and non-technical programs within the university. Refunding certain amounts already paid by students or by reducing part of the tuition for the semesters yet to start will be an example of the university supporting its students. (i.e. September 2020.) The schedule of being online with class makes it even more difficult for the students to obtain the limited job opportunities that we have lost by not being on the campus location we paid to attend. Some students and courses at New York Film Academy are charged a substantial amount where an annual increase of tuition still applies throughout this pandemic. In some programs, the number of courses taken each semester may decrease, though tuition either stays the same or increases. We are also requesting the university provides an online resource or physical information, detailing what our classes cost and what our tuition goes toward. (Lab fees, facility, classes, etc.) This goes into question if we are unable to use the benefits and resources like social clubs, library archives, sound studios, editing bays, etc. Not only will this provide transparency but will also give students the opportunity to budget appropriately during these uncertain times. Students are not only bearing the loss in terms of lower learning quality due to distance education, but also suffering from adverse mental health and heightened levels of distress due to confinement and associated financial struggles. We do thank you for your resources in this regard. A considerable reduction in tuition would help the students in coping with these unfortunate series of events. With hope that this message reaches the highest ears and eyes within New York Film Academy, we, the students look forward to a practical solution that informs us our voices are heard.   Thank you, New York Film Academy Producing Students

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