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Petition to Jared Polis

To drop the charges against Activists in Aurora.

You were obviously embarrassed that a group of local folks brought global attention on you for your lack of willingness to prosecute police officers in the #ElijahMcClain case. What else can explain your retaliatory, ridiculous charges against people exercising their 1st Amendment Rights? Kidnapping Charges? Really? People who have been kidnapped are kidnapped by force with a weapon, in a real kidnapping, the kidnap victims do not carry guns, the kidnappers carry weapons of choice. This was a Police Building that employed officers, the so-called kidnapping victims inside who had every weapon for their use but chose not to use them. Elijah McClain was kidnapped with Excessive Use of Force by 3 officers who threw him to the ground against his Amendment Rights.   Elijah McClain was murdered by carotid chokehold and the use of 500 mg of Ketamine.  Where were his rights?  Charge: Inciting a riot? First of all, it was a protest march, not a riot. Hundreds of people were present at this march. Is the District Attorney going to call all those who were present at this protest march as witnesses? The 2000 witnesses that were involved in this protest march didn’t need to incite anything. The 2000 witnesses protested the violence of police officers that go unprosecuted. Charge: Obstructing a highway? We were all on the highway. You might as well arrest all 2,000 of us.  If this was obstructing the highway, then why did the Police Block Traffic for us.   Why did APD and the 17th and 18th District Attorney NOT charge the driver who ran into several people who were injured?   Drop the charges. Now.

Darlene Jones
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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo

Free Greg Mingo: Help bring an innocent man home

My uncle, Greg Mingo, has been in prison my whole life for crimes he didn’t commit.  In 1981, he was wrongfully accused and charged, along with two others, in a robbery and double murder that took place in Queens one year earlier. Despite initially being offered a plea deal, Greg maintained his innocence the entire time. He has now been in prison for 39 years. My life has been shaped by my uncle’s incarceration. Uncle Greg missed my birth, but when I was four, my parents moved to Westchester, NY so we could be closer to where he was imprisoned. I’ve felt his absence in every milestone of my life since then. He missed my graduations from high school and Harvard. He could not be there on my wedding day.  And for what? There was no physical evidence in the case against Greg, and his court-appointed defense lawyer failed to present an alibi witness who had agreed to testify on his behalf. Only a Black man in New York in the 1980s could have been convicted on such thin allegations and sent away for so long. The average time served in state prison for a murder conviction is 15 years. Greg’s sentence of 50 years to life is staggering; what some refer to as “death by incarceration.” Uncle Greg grew up in a system rife with injustice. Just five months after sentencing Greg, Queens Supreme Court Justice Thomas Agresta used the N-word in open court in reference to a Black defendant. His gross, public ethical violation was so egregious that Justice Agresta was censured a year later, and has since been used as an example in legal scholarship on judicial misconduct and community harm.  Greg is an inspiration to me and countless people who have crossed paths with him. In the past 39 years, he has taken every opportunity to improve himself and help others. He has served as a peer counselor, legal research instructor, and led numerous workshops on aggression replacement training and domestic violence prevention. He’s also completed college-level courses that transformed his world view and fueled his aspirations for the future. Every day I worry for my uncle. Uncle Greg isn’t eligible for parole for another 11 years. His innocence is known by his family, his supporters and his legal team. It will be proven in a court of law one day. But until that day comes, nothing is more important than this: Greg Mingo needs to come home. Inspired by my uncle’s story, CUNY law students are assisting Greg with filing a clemency application, calling on Governor Cuomo to show compassion for Greg and release him from prison.  How You Can Help Greg Mingo’s family and supporters have set up this petition to gather signatures to advocate for his clemency. Please add your name (and address if you live in New York) to call for his release. For more info on how to get involved, please email or go to * Please note: Including your address with your name—especially authentic New York State addresses—is a HUGE help. Because hearing from his own state residents will carry even more weight for Gov. Cuomo, it will boost Greg’s chances of freedom. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to learn about someone who means so much to my family.

Ava Nemes
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Petition to Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, Department of Justice


                                      #JUSTICEFORDOROTHY  Hello , Dear, Everyone  Hello ,  This is the ( TRAMMELL ) family .  We are asking you to PLEASE  help us get our daughter Dorothy Lee Trammell justice . She was physically assaulted by James W. Cave and she was abused by  Seaford PD officers as well . We are working with Rev.Al Sharpton & Dr.Jackie Cody & Mr.William Allen &  #BLACKLIVESMATTER MOVEMENT & ETC.Please help us get Officer . Justices & Officer. Scott & Det.Eric Chambers & Chief . Marshall Craft & James W. Cave & Det.Miller  fired and arrested . Please sign this petition in DEMAND FOR JUSTICE FOR DOROTHY.    Dorothy Lee Trammell was once a student at Seaford . Until , the day she almost lost her life . We never understood and will never understand why Dorothy had to fight for her life  :( . James W. Cave needs to be fired NOW .  How is he still the principal at Seaford Middle when he has told Dorothy Lee Trammell to kill herself and told her she isn't good enough for this world? He bullied her about her race/skin color  . Im tired of it .  Our daughter never felt safe around any administrator at that school .  On April 4th 2019 we signed papers at a school meeting for Dorothy Lee Trammell . ( IT WAS FOR BEHAVIORAL IEP ) .  It stated that Dorothy Lee Trammell born on August 11th 2006 is suppose to go to one of the teacher she is able to talk to when she gets upset or angry . It also stated that it will be for both the rest of her 7th grade school year and for her whole 8th grade school year . Dorothy was wrongfully arrested on August 29th 2019 and October 2nd 2019 . Under (  Title 42 U.S.C  Section 1985 ( 3 ) Conspiracy )    James C. Bell, and Chief.Of Police Marshall Craft , should be fired as well . They could have prevented this by firing James W. Cave way before October .  James C. Bell is the Director Of Student Service . He knew what was happening . He been knew about Dorothy being sent to the hospital from injuries at the school . James W. Cave is so low life he got Dorothy hurt . She had a head bleed and concussion and 2broken fingers . This isn't okay :( . I had to see my daughter cry . James W. Cave is still living his life happy while we are in need of JUSTICE .  Under ( Title 18 Section 245 )   what Officer Scott did to Dorothy & what James Cave did to Dorothy and what the others did to Dorothy was a hate crime . ( They didn't have any reason to hurt her ) No reason at all . Just because they don't like her skin color / race that doesn't give them any reason to hurt her . Under ( Title 42  Section 1985 ) . Chief Of Police For Seaford , Delaware  should have been fired Officer . Justices for not arresting  James W. Cave from Dorothy being sent to the hospital after James W. Cave had her set up . I don't understand how when we all were at the district meeting on October 14th 2019 James W. Cave admitted right in front of the Director Of Student Service for Seaford School District that he did do what she was saying he did  .  Dorothy was physically assaulted by James W. Cave on On October 2nd 2019 ( 10.2.19 ) ! We have been in contact with a lot of people  to help us get our daughters justice .  We are all heart-broken how at school Dorothy got hurt treated badly and disrespected :( . Dorothy is scared of all principals now .  Ever since she had been hurted by James W . Cave when she started at her  private school . She never liked being near her principal  there . So , that's how you definitely can see this has a big effect on her .  There are so much things that has happened to Dorothy Lee Trammell  at Seaford Middle .  When , Officer. Scott told Dorothy he wants to kill her  and he is racist and he wishes he knew somewhere without camera . Him threatening to kill her is a charge ( TERRORISTIC THREATENING ). & Just everything said is so hurtful in my eyes . In my eyes it looks like he was thinking of planning somewhere to hurt her . :(   He didn't have any reason to say anything he said . He should be fired and they all should be .  A State Trooper even said he should be arrested . A DELAWARE STATE TROOPER even said that he should be behind bars forever for what he did to Dorothy . There were a lot more stories but I was still hurt . For a child to have to fight for there life it is so unacceptable .They need to be punished for there actions . We need to stay strong as a community and make sure Justice For Dorothy happens .  Please sign this petition in demand for JUSTICE FOR DOROTHY ! #JUSTICEFORDOROTHY . 

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