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Petition to Michael Bittel

Tell the ARCC to Stand Up to Elise Stefanik!

The Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce has invited Representative Elise Stefanik (NY-21) to speak to local business owners and chamber members at an upcoming event, Conversations with your Legislators, on January 29th, 2021. Even after Rep. Stefanik tried to overturn the results of the 2021 Presidential election—which led to the riots at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th—the ARCC has refused to rescind her invitation or remove her from the event. Let's be clear: this petition is not motivated by political ideology (there are four other Republican legislators attending this event who have not violated their oaths of office). This is a call to hold leaders responsible for their words and actions. Elise Stefanik needs to be held accountable for spreading lies about our elections and eroding trust in our democratic institutions. Elise Stefanik has refused to apologize, or even acknowledge her role in the attack on our Democracy, which left 5 Americans dead—including 2 Police Officers. As calls grow for her to resign, she has doubled-down on her dangerous and divisive rhetoric and continues to stand by President Trump. While Stefanik refuses to take responsibility for her words and actions, we can tell our local leaders to stand up and hold her to account. By signing the petition, you can tell ARCC President Michael Bittel to remove her from upcoming local events and speaking engagements. We shouldn't give Elise Stefanik a platform to spread harmful misinformation and hateful rhetoric. It’s time to tell Elise Stefanik that her actions have consequences. Sign the petition and tell the ARCC to stand up to Elise! — Will Fowler, small business owner & ARCC member

Will Fowler
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Petition to Citizens Concerned About the Mental of Our Leaders

Petition To President Elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. RE: Health and Human Services Appointee

Saturday, January 16, 2021 Petition to President Joseph R. Biden Jr. Dear President Elect Biden,We strongly request that Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman not be considered for the position of Health and Human services, nor any position in your administration. Were it not for Dr. Lieberman, who became the most prominent defender of the president in the mental health world, we could have been spared the deadly reign of President Donald J. Trump, who incited a violent terrorist insurrection at the Capitol and came very close to destroying our Democracy.  Further, he denied the danger of a deadly virus, which has already caused hundreds of thousand Americans to die unnecessarily and millions more to suffer permanent disabilities.Dr. Lieberman crusaded against conscientious mental health professionals who tried to warn us about a mentally unfit, dangerous president, claiming that they were unethically “diagnosing” the president, when they were in fact fulfilling their societal responsibility to educate and protect the nation.  By contrast, Dr. Lieberman explicitly diagnosed the president: He did so by clearing the president of any serious conditions and calling the him “just a jerk,” which he was in no position to do without having examined him or received authorization to do so (Dr. Bandy Lee and others have clarified that “neither exclusion nor inclusion is possible from a distance”): As a concerned citizen, we believe we have the right to hear the opinions and warnings of mental health professionals regarding the fitness of presidents and candidates to serve.  We have suffered greatly for the ban on mental health professionals by the media, which Dr. Lieberman helped to effectuate: Please do not appoint Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, who did all he could the silence the voices of ethical professionals, from whom we needed to hear the most.  The simple ability to hear trusted voices in time could have saved countless lives and prevented so very much pain, suffering, and loss.   Sincerely,Citizens who value mental health expertise  

Citizens who value mental health expertise Petition
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