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Stop Standardized Testing in the U​.​S

On average, each student takes around eight mandatory standardized tests per year, averaging around twenty to twenty-five hours each school year. A study has shown. that testing takes up 2.3% of classroom learning time. From Pre-K to twelfth grade,  students have taken up to one-hundred-twelve mandatory standardized tests.  I realize there may be some pros and cons to getting rid of mandatory standardized testing,  but I firmly believe we should get rid of it. We should be allowed to be passed based on our knowledge in class, our homework and our daily grades and. small classroom quizzes. Thats what matters.  We shouldn't. be judged on our intelligence because of one test that decides our destinies for us despite our own dreams. The amount of stress given to us before and even after tests are atonishing.  Parents claim they just want us to try when they force us to get A's and B's nothing below a, B minus.  We should be learning how to file taxes, how to fill out a check, how to buy a house, a car, etc. Not learning the same things over and over just with more steps. Studies have shown that we only use 37% of what we learn will be used in real life when the other 98% is not useful or we wont use after graduation.  Finland doesn't use standardized standing, the only tests they have is small classroom tests. Even then, they are used to test to see what the student is learning, they grade them based of learning, not just grades. Finlands success and graduation numbers are higher than in the U.S because of this.  I really hope you consider signing this petition and helping me and many other achieve this goal. Thank you!

Lizabeth Hedrick
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