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Petition to Los Angeles City Council, Hollywood United Neighborhood Council

Save the Beloved Hollywood Super Mart!

Say NO to 7-11! Save our local family-run businesses! "It was recently brought to the attention of our Franklin Village neighborhood that the car garage near Franklin ave and Vista Del Mar is seeking to lease their property to a 7-11. The entire community strongly opposes this move.  Our neighborhood already has a wonderful, family owned convenience store, Hollywood Super Mart, located adjacent to the car garage site in question on Franklin Avenue. Hollywood Super Mart has been an institution for our neighborhood for several years–providing snacks, produce, and even organic/health items not found at most convenience stores. During the pandemic, they have also been able to provide hard-to-find PPE items, including masks, sanitary wipes, cleaners, paper towels, and other items not readily found at other larger local stores. The owners, Paul and Lara, work day and night to find these items and provide them for their neighbors, going the extra mile to even make personal runs to suppliers. They are beloved by the neighborhood and routinely frequented by its inhabitants.  Adding a 7-11 next to them seems counter-intuitive and deliberately destructive. Several other local businesses/restaurants operate in Hollywood Super Mart's plaza, including Kettle Glazed, Thai Pepper, and Papilles (a Michelin starred restaurant), all of whom share in the neighborhood desire to support local businesses, run by our fellow Angelenos.  This year has reinforced the importance of community. Whether it’s volunteer work with community pantries or giving extra masks to my neighbors next door, I have loved seeing the residents of Franklin Village come together as a community to support one another. Hollywood Super Mart is an institution and a monument to that energy, and the entire neighborhood demands the city and neighborhood councils not allow a major outside corporate chain to inflict further financial strain and hardship on our local, family-run businesses during an already difficult year compounded by an ongoing pandemic." -Neighbors in Support of Hollywood Super Mart

Lara Jordenia
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Petition to KCMO City Planning Commission- (BZA) Zoning & Adjustment, KCMO City Council 5th District, Quinton Lucas

STOP re-zoning of KCMO residential neighborhood!! Unite us, NOT divide us!!

Stop the rezoning of 9001 James A. Reed Rd. Kansas City, MO 64138!!!! It has been proposed that the vacant former O’Hara High School at 9001 James A. Reed Road be Re-zoned for the sole purpose of changing the former school into a drug rehab/recovery center. The site is nestled in a residential neighborhood and immediately surrounded by close to 2000 single family homes on the West, East and South sides of the property. It shares a lawn with a Daycare and Elementary school on the north side of the property. On Dec.9th 2020, the City of KCMO's planning and permitting system sent out a notice for the Public Meeting which is being held virtually on Dec. 21 on Zoom. Case number CD-CPC-2020-00184. The Project requires a zone change and neighborhood and community leaders do not welcome this project. It does not fit into the Hickman Mills Area Plan that was just recently approved with extensive community involvement & input.  Many neighbors do not have access to the Public Meeting because the only method to attend is by Zoom without a call-in option. Many of our neighbors do not have internet access at all or the ability to navigate a web application.  For Case Number CD-CPC-2020-00184. This petition is asking the KCMO City Planning Commission & the Kansas City Council members to vote NO, and to prevent the former O'Hara High School building from being rezoned to accommodate a drug rehab/recovery center in the middle of a residential neighborhood & right next door to a school. We seek to prevent the Foutch Brothers and Sana Lake Recovery Center project from taking place at 9001 James A. Reed Rd, Kansas City, Missouri 64138. If you’d like to be kept posted by email with our next steps & meetings, please complete this form:   Sana Lake Recovery is hosting a Zoom Meeting  – Jan.12, 2021 - 6:00 pm Zoom ID: 518 999 0695   Passcode: 12345   Updated by: -Angela Clardy -Karry Palmer    

Angela Clardy
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Petition to Gavin Newsom, CalTrans , State Of California

Help Save Lives on Interstate 5 in Willows, CA

On April 28th, 2018, my husband and my 3 children's father, Shane Keyser was struck and killed by a semi-truck that crossed over the median on I-5 in Willows, CA. The semi-truck driver was in the I-5 southbound slow lane, Shane was also in the slow lane but heading northbound on I-5 when the semi-truck crossed over the median and crashed into Shane. Unfortunately, Shane's fate is shared by many other victims. Many people have died on this stretch of highway over the years and since Shane’s accident, there have been more deaths from vehicles crossing over the median. These people fell victim to the oversight of Caltrans and the State of California. There is nothing in between both I-5 bound lanes in this area, which means that any vehicle can cross over with ease resulting in major accidents and death. Caltrans is responsible for making our highways safe for everyone and the people of California have and still continue to pay extremely high taxes for our roads and highways, but accidents like Shane’s continue to happen way too often.  By adding a barrier in the median, it may eliminate or at the very least diminish the chances of someone being able to fatally cross the median.   California is the most populated state and with the highest taxes in the country but yet we don’t have barriers on our heaviest traveled highway that runs throughout our whole state, from the Oregon border to the Mexico border. With this being said, the State of California needs to use our road and highway tax money to put up barriers and save future lives. I know this can’t bring back my husband or other people’s loved ones back, however it devastates me to know other people’s lives are in danger every day as they travel on the I-5. If barrier was already put in my place I could possibly still have my husband and my kids would have their dad here with us today. How many people need to die on this stretch of I-5 in Willows, CA before something is done? Please help me by signing this so we can be a part of saving lives.

Michelle Keyser
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