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Petition to Alton/State of texas/adult protective services

Please please help me by undoing these things it is currently affecting me and my son

Back in April 2020 I was trying to get a mobile because my family has been homeless and since my husband is self employed he has debt to ratio income so the person said you need to put another person down well i told them that I didn’t know of anyone else but that I have a adult son but he doesn’t live with me he lives in a adult group home so they told me to put him down anyway but to call him to get his permission to put him down and put his social security number down so he said ok mom it’s ok well a few days later he received a letter from the lender and the worker at the group home got really really mad and he told my son we aren’t going to discuss it and then he went behind my sons back and falsely reported me into aps saying i exploted my son well my son tried to tell him numerous times that he actually gave me permission to do it now aps said there decision is final I’m now labeled a perpetrator and I’ve got red flags by my name that means that I can’t do a lot with my son my son also told me mom you’re going to have to sue them because they are not listening to me well I did have a lawyer send him a retraction letter which he took it straight to his supervisor and the supervisor stated he was just doing his job well now I’m being forced to stay away from my adult son which he is his own guardian but I have to stay away because I don’t want to be falsely accused of something else that I didn’t do and the worker now stalks me both at my sons job and over the phone so the only way I can now contact him is through text but even that is limited i would never ever harm any of my children never yes he’s happy where he is at but for them to call me a perpetrator I’m just beside myself I’ve tried reaching out both in person and phone calls to aps with no luck at all so I need help with this I’m not trying to remove him from there but I’m trying to get aps to reconsider and undo the statements about me I’ve never ever been in in any trouble in my life except a speeding ticket but this is just to much for me I’m disabled with a enlarged heart and lung disease and fibromyalgia and scoliosis along with other illnesses. If i would have known asking my son for his permission would ruin my reputation and being called a perpetrator i would never ever have asked him I feel ashamed and embarrassed and in disbelief and really really sad and hurt idk what else to do. This has ruined my reputation i went from having a great record to being called a perpetrator in a blink of an eye i do not want my sons disability money. nor am I’m trying to get him out of the home i simply want my record cleared and to be able to see and talk to my son with out any troubles. I even went in person to the aps office the other day but I was told that they were working from home but I was given the supervisor name and phone number in which I tried to call and left messages but no response back. and my daughter heard my son given me permission to put him down on the application and to put his social security number down on the application i have a hearing issue so I always put my phone calls on speakerphone and she was next to me when my son gave me permission to do protective services said that they wasn’t going to file any criminal charges against me but instead they were going to label me a perpetrator and put red flags by my name meaning they were thinking i was after his disability money so even though he’s his own guardian they are in full control of his disability money and I have never ever ever even tried to get his disability money never in fact he lived with me for a while and if I was after his disability money i would have never put him in the group home i really need adult protective services to undo the statements against me and remove them from my record. I have never ever ever in my life been in any trouble other than a speeding ticket a few years ago even that isn’t on my record  this whole thing is tearing me into pieces i just can’t fathom it. 

Lou Lou
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