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Petition to Thomas Katsouleas, The University of Connecticut

Tell UCONN to condemn students at Capitol with no masks and for posing with Alex Jones.

The Day of January, 6th, 2021 will live on in infamy in many people's minds.  Regardless of political affiliation, many have come out to condemn the riot and rioters that killed 5 people and showed up on the steps of our Republic with zip ties and Nazi symbols. It soon came to the attention of UCONN students that two of their own were at the Capitol building the day it was stormed. The two students, Abbe Minor '21 and Joe Fonicello '21 both posted to their social media pictures and evidence of them being at the Capitol Building in DC on January, 6th 2021. Along with these pictures at the Capitol on the 6th, being described by Fonicello as a "beautiful day", Minor took a selfie, mask-less, with known conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, who promoted the Sandy Hook Hoax, which led to the families of the children killed to be harrased and experience even more grief. What is even more disappointing, is that these students were wearing UCONN merchandise as they did it. The students have tried everything to do this discreetly, however, now we must turn to the public for help.  The students of UCONN are not asking for these students to be reprimanded for their conservatism or political affiliations, rather, we are asking for UCONN to acknowledge that these students are endangering the lives of its community by attending an organized event with no PPE, in violation of D.C. and UCONN guidelines. This is not a matter of political opinion, this is a matter of public safety. When students were found partying during a pandemic, UCONN, very quickly, condemned their actions and sent them home. UCONN has been very effective with their COVID-19 policy, allowing us the privilege to have a full fall semester on campus, however the refusal to even acknowledge that what these students are doing is a step in the opposite direction. Many UCONN students, present, past and future, suffered great hardship in the wake of the Sandy Hook Shooting and have suffered even more as a result of Alex Jones' perpetrating that the Sandy Hook Shooting was fake and that the children and faculty who died were actors. Imagine losing your child, only to have a man say that you are acting. Imagine people saying that the trauma you gained from seeing dead children and faculty isn't real. Imagine people saying that the photos of you crying, inconsolable, are just the work of a 'crisis actor'. This is what UCONN is saying is acceptable by not condemning the joyous picture, Minor took with Jones, who was sued by family of Sandy Hook Victims and first responders for his harmful rhetoric. Since the shooting occurred in Newtown, CT and the fact that so many member of its community were negatively impacted by Alex Jones, we are asking for an apology to them from UCONN and or from Minor, herself. We are also asking that if there is an investigation into the actions of Abbe Minor and Joe Fonicello on January 6th, 2021, that the UCONN community and the public be kept updated on it.  High schoolers, who used to consider UCONN their top choice, are now looking for other options for undergrad as a result of what these students have done and the lack of action from the university itself. Why pay money to a college that won't stand up for what's right? Many people, as a result of UCONN's refusal to even acknowledge what has happened, are considering leaving the school. Trump Supporter, Biden Supporter, Republican, Democrat, and anything in between: UCONN Students are not happy with the way our school was presented by these people on that miserable day at the Capitol. The solution to solve this, President Katsouleas, is clear - Listen to the students.

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