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Stop dog chaining in Florida!

Stop chaining dogs in Florida! On March 9, 2012, in Jacksonville, Florida, seventeen-month-old Dylan Andres was attacked and killed by a chained (tethered) dog. Dylan joined three other Florida children who were also killed by chained dogs. According to a study published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 27% of fatal attacks happened when the dogs were tethered. Concerned citizens along with a growing list of Florida legislators will be introducing a bill in 2021 that will ban unattended dog tethering in Florida. The law is aptly named, "Dylan's Law."   Dogs are social animals, yet thousands of dogs in Florida live their entire lives isolated at the end of a tether. According to the Humane Society of the United States, tethered dogs become lonely, frustrated, and anxious. Often, they are don't have adequate food, water, and shelter. Since tethered dogs cannot flee danger, they become defensive and territorial.  When a human, or an animal enters their territory, they attack.   According to the United States Department of Agriculture, continuous confinement of dogs by a tether is inhumane. A tether can become tangled on the dog’s shelter or other objects, potentially causing injury or death. Tethered dogs are vulnerable to an attack from stray dogs, wild animals, or hateful people. Female dogs are more likely to become pregnant.  As of October 2020, nineteen Florida counties and dozens of Florida cities and towns have passed attended-tethering-only laws. These laws allow tethering, but only if the dog’s caretaker is outside with the dog and it is always visible. Attended-tethering-only laws affect 65% of Florida’s population.  Sign this petition and add a comment to let Florida Senators know that you want to them to pass Dylan’s Law and let’s take dogs off chains in Florida forever.   

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Conservation of Chimpanzee Penguins

Ronald Reagan ate my moms house today he drank the World History Amsco book and became the wardrobe. Furthermore, spunchbop needed some Obama care so he asked Carl Macqueen for extra apple juice. However, on the other hand, precisely the lamp floating on the ceiling can't be it so we really don't understand the whole purpose of Madagascar movie. Wood Wilson started the movement of Red meat but ended in 5608 BCE. Not only that but the Mayans before has sacrificed a bus from the Ceiling of the Netherlands. Later one, Shrek had teleported through the black whole landed in the Atlantic Ocean. For more information, we can conclude that the silk roads had expanded and that negative affected the frog population, causing the Black Plague across the New president of Alaska "beetle juice".- Gregory So yea pls save the Chimpanzee penguins, they deserve more love then you have had. The Chimpanzee Penguin is a subspecies of penguin that unlike all other species of penguin, lives in tropical areas. These penguins are critically endangered and only about 20 of them live in the wild, which is why not many know that they exist. They eat plant matter, fruitanoids, and insects. They are wonderful chimpanzees, and wonderful penguins. They live solitary lives like both of these animals, but they give live birth, making them mammals. They are native to the island of Toobaloo, and are hunted for their furs. Palm oil is also a major issue for this species since it involves the destruction of their environment for palm oil, which is found in 50% of consumer products such as shampoo, soap, and foods. Although they live solitary lives, they are very friendly to humans and pose no threat. It's scientific name is Eruditio aemulativa-p. Whenever you see someone please remember to inform them about these wonderful creatures and help us spark change throughout the world!

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