Stand Up Against Henry McMaster’s SC Back-to-School All or Nothing Plan

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On Wednesday, July 15, 2020, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster announced an “all or nothing” approach to the state’s 2020-2021 school year using partisan politics as a means to force parents and children into a full-time, five day week in person school schedule or a completely home-bound, virtual learning program. This deletes the option for parents and children to be able to have an organized 50% online, 50% public school learning environment where social-distancing and CDC safety recommendations are required. If parents are concerned about their children’s safety they are forced to keep them home, not possible for many working families and affecting our lower socioeconomic sectors adversely, including those who depend on school for meals. Children of parents who understandably have safety concerns over the Covid-19 pandemic will not be able to safely integrate back into a partial in-person learning environment which provides stability for their education, social development, and mental health. Please sign this petition if you do not agree with Henry McMaster’s all or nothing approach to this issue.