A freeze on Residential and commercial rent/leases for non essential workers/businesses

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As everyone knows, hard times have fallen on us all, even the people risking their health to continue to work. 
for many small business owners, we have been deemed non essential and force closed until further notice. But that doesn’t mean the bills stop.

many of us abiding by the order cannot generate the income needed to cover our personal bills, let alone the commercial leases for our businesses. This petition is targeted at just that.

If you sign this petition it will be for pushing the issue of a commercial rent freeze for all non essential businesses, such as salons, barbers, tattoo artists, nail technicians etc. anyone that’s been directly affected by these unfortunate times. 
we are not receiving any assistance and continue to spend money, without generating income just to keep our businesses. 

we hope that everyone continues to remain safe during these trying times, and hope that we can get back to some sort of normality soon. Until then, we need assistance, or we risk losing our businesses, which we’ve all put so much into.