Remove Scott Lewis from fire chief

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The local fire chief Scott Lewis is also the Nye county emergency manager he does not care about public safety nor does he care about the safety of other personnel from other agencies nor his own in an incident that occurred in 2019 he attacked a then 16 year old Good Samaritan with a CPR certification for helping out several of his neighbors community he would then attack the same now 17 year old again in 2019 again where the boy worked as a grocery store assistant  after a medical emergency occurred in the parking lot and he responded again as a good samaritan also having ties to a volunteer fire department as a cadet Mister Lewis attacked the boy verbally as well as went to the other department to complain about the boy assisting at the call and just to be clear the boy possessed all the proper equipment and minimum certifications to be on scene Scott's Behavior both times was unbecoming of the uniform and highly inappropriate he even went as far as to stalk the young boy prior to intimidating him by using multiple law enforcement agenciesas well as attacking the boy over his fallen firefighter mother this petition is to remove him from office as either both emergency manager and fire chief or he can vacate one of the positions