Stop online schooling in Maryland!

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Online schooling has been nothing but an extra stress on the shoulders of a great amount of people in Maryland. I have heard time and time again about my peers grades dropping because of online school. They’ve told me it’s way more stressful than regular school, and it’s true. Why make kids stress about school while a global crisis is right outside our doorstep? We have enough to worry about with the outbreak of Covid-19 happening. People have parents that work for essential businesses where they are exposed to other people and may be exposed to the virus. Why make us do schooling in a time like this? Our grades and mental health are only suffering from this alternative. Me and an enormous amount of other students have had our grades drop drastically. Thanks to this online schooling, me and other students in Maryland may have to repeat our current grade. Please help us get online school out. This is a time we should be spending with our families and cherishing and being grateful for each other’s health.Thank you.