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As a mother of five school aged children, I find it totally absurd and ridiculous to reopen schools without a guaranteed safe vaccine or cure for Covid-19 and cases continuing to go up! I refuse to send my children back to school without better protections. Please sign my petition and send a message that:OUR CHILDRENS HEALTH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN GOVERNMENT AGENDA! Children are too unpredictable to return to school now! Thinking that they will All wash their hands and keep a mask on throughout the school day is totally ridiculous! Our children's health and safety needs to be TOP PRIORITY PERIOD! Children like to play pranks on each other and may pull off masks, fights etc. which puts others at risk. Wearing mask for extended periods of time is uncomfortable for us as adults as is, and to expect kids especially younger ones to keep masks on throughout the school day is being naive. Until there is a safe vaccine or cure and cases go back down, our children should attend classes remotely or classes should be held outdoors to provide a safer alternative to enrich our childrens minds and keep them safe! I personally don't mind homeschooling my children to give them their best chance and to keep them safe! Schools are breeding grounds for germs in general, especially during the colder months. With Covid being as contagious and rampant, we need safer alternatives to keep our children healthy as well as engaged and educated!