Bring Tucker's Boys to the US for medical care amid Covid-19.

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Dear family, friends, parents, well-wishers, and supporters from around the world,

I love my children more than anything and I am working tirelessly to do what is best for them. My boys were wrongfully taken from me in Cambodia and I have been blocked from seeing them for the last 3 years.

My sons are 4 and 8 and they suffer from chronic respiratory problems. My oldest son is often hospitalized for respiratory distress.

He was recently admitted to the ICU with a collapsed lung and difficulty breathing. 

My youngest son also has respiratory problems. Both boys have been diagnosed with asthma and live in a city with high air pollution. I worry constantly about their health, safety and well-being.

My sons are American citizens and they deserve the best medical care I can provide. The top pulmonary specialists are in Texas, USA and that is why I seek to bring them home for treatment.

My estranged ex wife is preventing them from traveling to the US for critical medical care.

As such, I am requesting support from politicians and Courts in the U.S. and Cambodia to bring my children home for medical care.  

With the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus, my request is now more urgent than ever.

My young children would suffer greatly and perhaps even die if they were exposed to this illness.

Please help me get my boys safely to the United States before it is too late. 

You can help me by:

1) Signing and SHARING this petition to lawmakers, including Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina

2) Calling Senator Lindsey Graham's office to express your support. 

202-224-5972 (Washington), 803-933-0112 (South Carolina).

3) Tweeting to Senator Lindsey Graham @LindseyGrahamSC

Please help to #bringtuckersboyshome from #Cambodia to the #UnitedStates ahead of #covid19 because #childrenslivesmatter and #parentsrights are important.

4) Tweeting to the US Embassy in Cambodia (@USEmbPhnomPenh) or to the Ambassador himself (@USAmbCambodia)

5) Tweeting to President Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

6) Tweeting to Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia (@hunsencambodia)

7) Sharing this petition with your friends and encouraging them to sign

8) Visiting, liking, following and commenting on our Facebook page:

Bring Tucker's Boys Home.

On behalf of my two boys, and our entire family, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support!

Tucker McCravy

Bring Tucker's Boys Home