Recruit new potential donors early and at scale

By attracting the right new supporters early in the campaign, you can make email fundraising an integral part of your overall campaign finance strategy

Rally support with politically engaged audiences

Mobilise constituents to support your campaign or important campaign policy issues

Get out the vote

With 3.5 million Australian members is the perfect place to activate voters for upcoming elections:

  • Target supporters by electorate, state or nationally
  • Use to reach your base and persuadables with your message

Success Stories targeted new donors for End Citizens United

Amnesty International Australia used to test messaging that engages strategic audiences in conservative electorates

Download Amnesty International Australia's story found targeted supporters for Yes on 522

Yes on 522 connected with 15,000 targeted supporters and nearly defeated well funded opposition

Download Yes on 522's story generated new leads for the UK Conservative Party

The UK Conservative Party used to recruit new supporters during the 2015 election campaign 

Download the Conservatives' story